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    At Purmo Group, we consider competent and committed employees as our biggest strength: our fundamental success is defined by our people and culture.

    Our work is based on our values: openness, fairness, modesty, trust and respect. They lay the foundation to everything we do in our business and leadership.

    We act in a way that outlines our strong commitment to provide a healthy, safe and respectful work environment for all personnel. We do this by discussing and realizing our engagement in cultivating politeness, diversity and equality as well as our disapproval of all forms of harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

    According to a 2019 employee survey, Purmo Group is seen as a forward-thinking employer with a good working environment and atmosphere. Our employees see us as a reliable yet dynamic and developing market leader.

    We have a shared story and culture. We move forward together and through collaboration. Every employee can feel their work has meaning. We offer the benefits of a big company, but have the mindset of a relentless and agile start-up. We invest in our people by offering them opportunities to learn and develop their skills.

    A growing need for construction and deep renovation will ensure excellent working opportunities in the HVAC industry also during the next decades. Our modern and inspirational work environment offers challenging tasks for experts in the beginning of their careers and also for more seasoned professionals.

    In the career stories below, Purmo Group employees share some career paths from our operations globally. Maybe the next Purmo Group career story is yours?

    Interested? Please be in touch: [email protected]

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